I’ve been playing sid meier’s ace patrol recently and when I unlocked the sopwith camel bi-plane I remembered my dad giving me an airfix kit for one when I was about 10. So, fueled by nostalgia, I built a 1:75 scale balsa wood sopwith camel. 

Concept balsa wood staircase at 1:20 scale. The purpose of the staircase is to mount it near a large window to maximize the intensity of the shadows created by the hand rails and void space. 

Balsa wood 1:20 scale model of an alternating level staircase for a brief on vertical circulation. 

These are some Google Sketch up renders created for an interior design brief. The purpose of the brief was to design a studio space for ourselves within a 6m cubic area.

This was a maquette I made to demonstrate my idea for a V&A Courtyard brief. It was to show the layout of the stones (the yellow pins) and the scale of the two artificial trees. The entire project was designed around golden section principles of layout.

A3 landscapes made as a model making task.

This was an autobiographical piece set during the first week of my first year of uni. It was supposed to represent me as a person.

Experimentation with foam board. I was making curved forms by scoring into the foam board at 2-3mm intervals so it would articulate.

This is my final design for the Barneys 2012 christmas windows. Unfortunatly, I used real plants to represent the vines, and they have wilted, which ruins the effect.

This is a 1:1 scale element used to demonstrate what would be found in the windows I designed for my Barneys New York Brief. It is supposed to represent nature reclaiming modern technologies.